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Just Me!

Yay! So glad you found me! I’m Nickie, and as you can see from the name of my site, I’m a straightforward kind of girl! I didn’t want any cute names for my site, just Nickie Taylor, plain and simple!

My Life

I’m a 43 year old mom of 3. My oldest is Gabby, she is 22 and she’s in dental school, my middle is Jackson, he’s 13, and my baby is Isabella, she’s 11 going on 30. The youngest two are homeschooled. My kiddos and I have food allergies and sensitivities, so I spend a great deal of time cooking and researching healthy alternatives to keep our lives as “normal” as we can. My youngest two are simultaneously going through puberty…so basically what I’m saying is pray for me y’all! My life is crazy! But then there’s the love of my life, Mark, he’s my best friend and soulmate, he brings me peace and keeps me sane in the midst of this momlife chaos!

What I do, how I work and how it began

I work as a personal stylist. The difference between a personal stylist and a wardrobe or celebrity stylist is that personal stylists help everyday women, just like you. No red carpets necessary! Although I style a number of clients, I specialize in helping moms. I’m a mom, so I know the struggle and the guilt we feel in making time for ourselves. My methods are straightforward and easy to follow for my clients. I don’t believe in a lot of “fluff” and I don’t really like the word “rules” when it comes to style. I believe that everyone has the potential to have great style, my job is to help them find it.  Before I even knew what a stylist was, I’ve always been the go to person to help friends and family with their wardrobe choices. After working as a visual merchandiser, and having constant requests to style customers, I decided to pursue styling as a career. I’m also a certified image consultant. I write a style column for Panama City, News Herald and appear on WJHG News Channel 7, NBC.

What can you expect from me and my blog?

Well, I’m pretty sarcastic! I find the humor in most situations and I use it to help me get my point across. I can at times be irreverent, but my kids read my blog, so I keep the potty mouth to a minimum. I’m a talker and I love writing, so if I’m writing something I’m passionate about, my posts may be a tad lengthy. You’re going to find out pretty quickly that my biggest passions are, my family, fashion, and food! I’ll throw in some interiors as well, but that’s not an F-word, so it didn’t fit quite as well!!

My mission

Look, I can relate to most dilemmas that you may be currently facing. I’ve gone from being a size 2 athlete who did part-time modeling, with very little body fat, to 80 pounds overweight after my first child, having an insane amount of stretch marks and struggling with body image. Regaining my self-confidence, getting pregnant again, back to almost 75 pounds overweight, to developing an autoimmune disease and plummeting to 25 pounds underweight and having adult acne and the hyperpigmentation that it left behind. So I know what it feels like to have just about every obstacle thrown at me and have been able to come out on the other side of it and still have confidence in myself, flaws and all. That is what I want for you! You don’t have to be rich, you can stay at home or work from home and you can be overweight, underweight or somewhere in between…you can and should still care about how you look and present yourself to the world. When you look good, you feel good and that’s my mission, to help you get there, to work with what you’ve got, budget, lifestyle and the body you have right now!

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