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Now that we’re falling into fall and there’s a nip in the air, it’s time to break out the cozy cardigans……oh who am I kidding, I live in Florida. That should read…”Now that it’s still damn 95 degrees outside and the incessant rain is STILL upon us, as we pensively wait with bated breath, watching for the next possible hurricane!!!” …..but I’m a life & STYLE blogger, so when in Rome…blog about sweaters! (pretty sure I should talk to my therapist about a cure for my corny humor…naaahh! Think I’ll keep it!)

For those of you living in a climate that consists of changing seasons, other than hotter than hell and not quite as hot, it’s the perfect time to incorporate cardigans into heavy rotation. For my fellow Floridians, we need to wait a tad longer, but it’s what we will likely wear throughout our “alleged” winter, until springtime, save the 2 days of the year, where it MIGHT dip to a low of 50 degrees, when coat/jacket lovers like me, will throw a soiree in celebration of the newly arrived “cold” weather.

Regardless of where you live, adding a third piece to your existing outfits, is an instant way to create a “stylized” look.  Thus the impending celebration in the fashion/style  bloggosphere, about being able to wear a cardigan. That style “tip” that all those in the know constantly preach about, adding a third piece helps you “look” like you know how to style an outfit, even if you don’t….VERY TRUE.  It creates visual interest. Don’t know what that means?..who cares, it’s just fashion terminology….all you need to know is, it means you’ll look like you’ve got your shizz together, and isn’t that what’s most important ?!?!!!

If you’re drawn to cozy oversized cardigans, like I’m wearing here, be careful how you style them.  Be conscious of balance. If your cardigan is oversized, then pair with something sleek and slimming underneath.  Love your skinny jeans, but feel like they make you look “hippy”, this is the time to wear them. This is also the perfect time to wear leggings (I will write a separate post on the great “are leggings really pants” debate). If you want to add a touch of sophistication, but still want to be comfy, try a pair of faux leather leggings.  I absolutely LOVE this pair. Throw on a long slim fit button-down, tshirt or tank (long..because “that region” should be covered when wearing leggings), a long necklace (it creates deep a “v” neckline, which will read as very slimming)  and a pair of ankle boots or loafers and you’re all set. Something else to keep in mind, try to keep your base layer monochromatic.  Because you’ve chosen to go with a chunky, cozy knit, you want to keep the eye moving seamlessly over the body.

 But here’s the thing….there are no rules! These are tips and suggestions on how best to flatter your figure. So don’t sweat it if you just want to wear a pair of jeans,throw on a tshirt, your cardigan and head out. I do this all the time, it’s not “wrong”, but I AM always conscious of my proportions. 

But whatever you do, PLEASE, I beg you…do NOT use a cardigan as an excuse to be frumpy, or to hide in your clothes! This is a frump free zone!!! I repeat…run away from the mom frump! I will not mince my words…if you try to blame me for your exodus from summertime fashion maven, into the cozy fall frump fairy…I will disown you with lightning speed…don’t make me do it! Your clothes should be an extension of who you are and what makes you feel good…aka boost your confidence, not serve as a means to hide yourself. You deserve better than that!!!!!!!

Cardigan: Loft /Jeans: Madewell

How do I avoid the dreaded frump and subsequent loss of your friendship, while wearing my favorite cozy cardi you say?..just as you should always be conscious of creating balance in your outfit proportions, be aware of creating balance in the rest of your look as well.  I’m talking hair and makeup. If you’re wearing something that is inherently “cozy and cutesy” like an oversized cardigan, balance it out by upping the sexiness or femininity in the other aspects of your look. If you’re up for it, throw on a pair of killer, sexy heels…obviously not in the carpool lane, unless you’re a rebel like me, in which case, go for it!!!!  Create a more feminine feel by maybe adding mascara and a rosy blush, or wear your fave lipstick. Instead of wearing your hair in a tight updo (talking to myself here…the queen of the bun), balance it with a sleek ponytail, soft curls or a feminine braid. You get the picture..balance, balance and did I mention balance.

Hope this was helpful ! As usual, if you have any questions or comments, drop them below, and I’ll  respond as soon as I can. Be sure to sign up to be notified when I post a new blog. Usually every Tuesday and Friday…except today.  

Posting this on a Monday, because tomorrow is 9/11 and who wants to read about sweaters….take time to reflect and remember how blessed we are, to be alive and able to have the opportunity to fulfil our dreams! Take full advantage of this privilege. I’ll be back on Friday!




  1. bethany
    September 10, 2018 / 10:04 am

    I love your hair down! And putting this sweater over all white is brilliant– it looks more stylish!

    • Nickie
      September 10, 2018 / 10:20 am

      Thanks so much Bethany!! It’s a rarity 🙂 And yes! These cozy sweaters can look incredibly chic if paired with the right base layer! Have a great day!

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