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Hi, my name is Nickie and I’m addicted to leopard.

Now that it’s almost fall, everyone in the fashion world will tell you that leopard is “on trend” for fall. They will actually say animal print is big this season. While it IS in fact big this season, leopard is “trendless” and “seasonless” so it is a year round and classic staple. But designers do show leopard pieces more heavily during the Fall/Winter season.

I have an absolute obsession with leopard and particularly leopard coats. Now should I have a faux fur leopard coat while I live here in Florida? Probably not, it’s not practical, but I do have only 5, ok maybe 6…damn it! Maybe it’s 8, but who’s counting. Let me tell you, the moment it snaps to below 60, I haul it into my closet, pick one of my loves and wear that puppy as long as I can. Do I sweat like a sinner in church? Yes! Am I willing to chance a heat stroke in order to wear one of my babies? Yes! Do I name them? Yes!…am I weird?…Maybe!

But because of my plight, living here in this balmy climate, I constantly search for other options to wear the print that’s near and dear to my heart. Like I said, leopard is seasonless, so I always find fantastic pieces to wear year round, but there are so many options during this time, that I decided to have it has my first Fall Fashion Round Up category.

Here’s my professional opinion on wearing Leopard:

– Search for prints that are as close to nature as possible.  So this means that pink leopard isn’t going to read as timeless.

-Only wear one piece of leopard at a time.  Let the leopard do all the talking for your outfit.  She’s fabulous and has a lot to let her have the floor.

I’ve found some great options for you to shop to your heart’s content. If you’re a fellow addict, then don’t blame me for your lack of self control in shopping this post. I’m so sorry…buuuuut, not really..I’m just trying to absolve my guilt! Enjoy!!









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