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Transition Summer White into Fall???  Post Labor Day Purists…… proceed with caution!!!

By now you’ve recognized my love for monochromatic white outfits.  If you haven’t, take a look at my instagram feed, you’ll realize pretty quickly that this has been one of my favorite combinations this summer.  

But guess what, it’s one of my favorite combinations ALL. YEAR. LONG. And whomever invented that beyond ridiculous rule about no white after labor day, please step forward so I can give you a severe tongue lashing about damaging the “fashion psyche” of women for generations!!..holy cow!..dramatic much!!!! Yes! I’m totally dramatic, but it IS so beyond frustrating that some people still abide by this “rule”, despite their desire to wear it.  If you love white, why can’t you wear it all year long?!!!!!

Look, all joking aside, I do realize for some, Labor Day is the signal that their white pieces must take a well deserved break from their heavy summer rotation. It is not my place to judge your personal choices, but I will respectfully disagree. In my humble opinion, wearing a clean, crisp white monochromatic outfit during fall/winter, is the epitome of effortless chic!

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Do I sometimes opt for darker, more moody hues during this autumnal season, yes, absolutely! But I’m a rule breaker, by nature…my poor parents right??!!!, so I wanted to show you a way to break, or at least bend the “rule” about not wearing white after Labor Day.  It. Can. Be. Done.

Start with your white  base: I chose a white tank and white jeans.  Now obviously (pretty evident by the palm trees) I live in Florida, so a tank top can work as a base for me, but swap it out for a long sleeved t-shirt and you’re all set.  You can also use my ultimate favorite, a white button down shirt. This is one of my faves. And yes, you can absolutely use a white dress as a base!


 Obviously, it will be pretty hard to transition white shorts into fall…didn’t think it needed to be said, but some smart aleck (you know who you are 🙂 will make sure they let me know… so beat you to the punch, aleck!!


Add a third layering piece .  This can be a trench coat. This one and this one are a couple of my favorites. You can do a blazer, (I’m a blazer fiend) this is now on my “lust list.”  Or if you have a long sleeved t-shirt, you can do a lightweight scarf. I LOVE this one and this one. Take a peek at how I styled it a little differently here. A nice midweight leather jacket also works well as a great transition piece.  This is one my faves that I’ve seen so far this season for light to mid weight.

Pay attention to colors and textures. So if you’re going to wear something that’s inherently considered “warm weather clothing” then you need to pay attention to what you pair with it to make it look more “fall-ish” yes I know that’s not a word, just humor me!

For example, here’s my white base with an added white blazer, but, I’ve added a burgundy scarf, bag and shoes. This scarf is so lightweight, there is absolutely no warmth, however, because of the color, it helps my outfit to “look” like a fall outfit. Make sense?  Pairing a dark color with white is an easy way to accomplish this. Adding animal print is your best friend in this scenario. As a “rule” of thumb, try to select animal prints with a more rich hue for your fall looks.  Having said that, you CAN absolutely pair your white base with a light color as well.  But this is where you,  pay attention to the texture. If you wanted to pair it with light gray for example. You could easily use a gray knit blazer. I say knit because the knit will work best for transitioning seasons, but isn’t too hot for fall like wool, and isn’t linen which is very summery.  You follow my rationale?


Tie it all together with your shoes and bag.  If you’ve mastered how to play with layers, colors and textures, then throw on a pair of flip flops…not exactly going to read “fall” is it?  I can get away with open toes, like I’ve done here, in the fall, because again, Florida, but I try to pay attention to the style of the shoe, I wouldn’t do something that’s inherently summer-esque (yep, making up some more words) like a pair of white woven espadrilles.  Try a closed toe pump, sneakers, or an ankle boot.

It’s time to ditch the summer straw bags.  You can absolutely do canvas like I’ve done here.  Darker colors work best for fabric bags, but it’s very subjective. If it looks summery then it’s going to make your outfit look more summery, will it? If in doubt, go with leather.


I could keep going into every little detail, because, well…Hi, I’m Nickie and I’m an OCD, ridiculously detailed oriented wack-a-doodle…but for the sake of simplicity, I’m providing my easiest tips for a smooth “transition”.  See what I did there hahaha..ok I’ll stop!


You can wear white any way that you choose, but because I’m a lover of monochromatic looks, I’ve chosen this “formula” to use as an example for this post.


Hope this was helpful! Let me know your thoughts and please feel free to ask me any questions..always happy to answer them! I’ve included several shopping options, scroll down to shop: Base Outfits, Blazers, Leather Jackets, Trench Coats and Accessories!






Base outfit



Leather Jackets




Trench Coats





  1. Mary Anne
    September 8, 2018 / 10:39 am

    I find this info on wearing white after Labor Day very liberating! Thank you for the transition tips and help!

    • Nickie
      September 8, 2018 / 7:09 pm

      My pleasure! I hope I was able to make you a convert!!! 🙂

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