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Because Pinterest and Instagram are highly visual mediums, they are the PERFECT platforms to use when trying to determine or develop your style.  They’re also great for fashion inspiration, if you’re stuck in a rut.

Before we get into the nitty and the gritty, let me just say this, if you follow Pinterest boards of  bloggers and Instagrammers and they make you feel inferior in any way, for the love of all that is holy, PLEASE, immediately unfollow them!  No amount of pretty pictures is worth the degradation or heaven forbid, loss of your self esteem. Besides, who needs that kind of pressure???!.. Not this girl! Well I guess since I’m over forty maybe I should say woman…NOPE….just gonna go ahead and stick with girl!

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Quick blurb on my dress:

I saw this dress on Instagram worn by a blogger and fell head over heels. Was about to swallow a bowl of nails and bite the bullet to pay the high price, then I decided to take my own advice.  I’ll tell you why down below……


Now let’s take a nose dive into the what, the how and the why.


When looking at an image across either platform, first determine:


WHAT is it about this image that has gotten your attention?

 It could be something as simple as you’re having a bad day and the person in the image is smiling, looks very welcoming and is wearing a color that holds a fond memory…sidenote, awwwww!!….Those types of images are wonderful and make you feel good, but don’t count as style inspiration. But please feel free to save them in a separate place to frequent when you need a feel good visual.

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If you’ve found an image and you’re drawn to it because of some styling element, determine what that SPECIFIC element is, do you love how she looks in those jeans? First, think, what is it about her in the jeans that’s so appealing, is it the wash of the jean you like? Do you like that it has a frayed hem? Maybe it’s where it sits on the blogger’s waist, is it high waisted?

Photo by @sydneymanningphotos

If she’s wearing a white shirt, (very likely it’s me!!!..kidding, I think I own every style known to man) is the shirt a slim cut? Does it show off her figure? Maybe you like that it’s oversized.  Does it hit below her waist? ..maybe it’s the tunic length that you like, maybe you like the way that she has it tucked. Do you like the look because she’s rolled the sleeves a certain way?


The point here is to determine if you like that actual garment or the way that she has it styled.  If it is the actual garment then by all means purchase it, if it really speaks to you, but it’s very likely that you like her “styling tricks” (I’ll do a separate post on some of my all time favorite tricks).  Sometimes it’s as simple as the way she is standing or the angle that she’s shot the photo, that has made her hips look more slender, therefore making it appear that the jeans have a more slimming effect on her than they might be on you in real life.  Be ruthless when examining an image before you rush out…who am I kidding, I mean click that link to buy that item…PS, how happy are you at the advent of online shoppiiiiiiing!!!!!.. By the way, if it’s her tricks that you like, pay close attention, she’s likely to do it on a regular basis, and you’ll pick up on how she does it.


Pay attention to the reoccurring “WHAT” in each photo.  You will notice a pattern start to emerge, whether it’s the styling, colors, patterns, or silhouettes, you will begin to recognize what you are most drawn to on a regular basis. 


Use this knowledge to begin to edit your wardrobe.  If you have pieces that you’ve never worn and those types of pieces aren’t included in your favorite photos, then chances are you’re not going to wear them. They should proooobably go!  If they do fit into your “what ” images, then you may have now seen ideas on how to style those pieces to suit your emerging style..


This will give you a clear direction on how to define your style.  Once you’re able to define what you like, then getting dressed, being able to quickly edit your closet and shopping will be a much more efficient process! And isn’t that what we all want?..quick and easy!!


You go with your bad self!..look at you learning stuff!!! Let me just say, if your “what” is to look exactly like her, that isn’t really healthy for your self esteem, is it? Nope, no bueno!!! You are an individual with unique traits that make you, well you. You shouldn’t aspire to become someone else, only to be the best version of you.


Let’s get to the how:

For Instagram:  There is a little flag icon to the far right under each photo that allows you to save it.  You can create collections of photos and name those collections. Be very specific when naming your collections. For example “oversized white shirts to replicate” not just white shirts.  Or “high waisted light wash jeans” not just jeans. You get the idea.  Make. It. EASY. To. Find. 

Images Via Instagram



For Pinterest:  Create boards with very specific descriptions, so you don’t end up with so many boards that you can’t identify what’s in each board or why you like a specific photo.  It can get incredibly overwhelming. So delete, delete and delete some more. Only keep what you absolutely love. Trust me there will be no shortage of images to pin! Thank you internet!!!


Images Via Pinterest


And now for the why:

Because I said so!!!! I kid..I kid!!!! Because it will create a neatly curated catalog of outfits right at your fingertips. Now you’ll be locked and loaded, armed with outfits that you’ve already ruthlessly critiqued and know what you love about it, so that will eliminate a lot of unnecessary “maybe” purchases. Or if you’re like me, you’re “slightly” OCD and having everything cataloged  just makes you happy!! Imagine going shopping and not feeling stuck or having that annoying feeling of “what do I wear with this?” You can pull out our trusty smartphone and have a plethora of ideas right there in your hot little hands.  Doesn’t that just sound like a dream?…thought so, aaaand you’re welcome!

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As for the dress, I looked at the photo I saw on Instagram VERY carefully and thought…. ok Nickie, (yes I talk to myself..don’t judge)…., what is it that’s got you all hot and heavy?…it’s the fact that I love Kimonos, I love how she belted it, I love that it is a statement belt, like that it’s short and really like the sleeves, like the barely there shoes that she paired with it. So basically it was her styling of the dress, rather than the dress itself.  Was it the print, nope. Although, it’s absolutely gorgeous, it wasn’t high on the list of my “what” so I decided to look for a kimono that I really liked and replicated this look.


Photo by

Had my mother in law shorten it, create a border, I belted it and TADAH,, my inspo outfit!! Also, I maaaay have gotten 2, one to wear long and one short, again… don’t judge me judgy judgington


And that’s all she wrote!….this time anyway.


I hope you found my formula helpful.  Comment down below and let me know your thoughts.  As usual, let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll do my best to answer! Don’t forget to sign up to be notified when I have a new post. 








  1. August 31, 2018 / 9:51 am

    Love this post! You gave me an idea on making even more specific boards on Pinterest based on certain style elements 🙌🏿

    • Nickie
      September 3, 2018 / 10:16 am

      Oh yay!! I’m glad it was helpful!!! That’s a huge compliment coming from an OG blogger!! 🙂

  2. Mary Anne
    August 31, 2018 / 12:23 pm

    So many helpful tips! Loving it – thank you! And you’re cracking me up judgy judgington 😂

    • Nickie
      September 3, 2018 / 10:14 am

      hahaha!!.. glad you find them helpful!! and enjoy my corny humor !!!! 🙂

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