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Take your right leg, put it in the right hole.  Take your left leg, put it in the left hole. Pull them up. Zip and done.  Good job, you did it. THE END!

No, but seriously!!!…did I somehow miss the memo that was sent out on the day I turned 40 ?

Did I skip “the rules that no one should listen to” lesson of the day to 40 year olds, course 101 with an emphasis on stupidity thesis for extra credit? Because I’m baffled by the amount of women who still diligently adhere to this “rule” that somehow you need “consider” not wearing shorts over 40.


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I can’t quite place my finger on the rationale here people.  It’s abhorrent that this “rule” ever existed, because it has unfortunately made so many women feel inadequate and self conscious once they begin creeping up to 40.  

Please allow me to set the record straight. And excuse me while I do my warm up stretches to do a triple salchow, loop jump onto my proverbial soap box.

1- If you had cellulite when you were younger and wore shorts because it was “permitted” until age 39, then chances are, you’ve grown to accept those wonderful lady lumps by this age and you can comfortably rock those shorts from now until you begin to feel the “rain aching” in your bones and want to wear your “fancy sweatpants” to bingo night. This is me by the way, ..the cellulite, not the bingo pants…I had cellulite as a teen, had it during pregnancies, after pregnancies, after losing 25 pounds. It’s here to stay.  So do i wear shorts ? YEP!!! Sure do.

Image8-16-18at1.41PM2-If you have never had cellulite, then chances are you’re not gonna have any now that you’re the dreaded 4-0! So what’s to stop you from wearing your favorite shorts ? That is, besides you having to recover from the beat down that you just got from all of your friends for having the nerve to have perfectly smooth legs and at “your age”

3-You are a gym warrior. You’ve worked those legs to within an inch of their lives and you can give any 20 year old a run for their money with those unbelievable legs of yours.  And you can’t wear shorts beeeecause ???? Anyone ? Anyone ?

4-If you’ve had a lifelong struggle with body image and you have never worn shorts, then unfortunately, unless you work through those issues, find the root cause  and begin the process of working them out, it’s not very likely that you will want to wear shorts anyway regardless of age right ? I wish you the absolute best on your journey of truly loving yourself, flaws and all (we all have them). You are worth the investment of whatever amount of time it takes.

Image8-19-18at1.50PMNow don’t get me wrong.  I feel like there is an appropriate length of shorts  to wear at 40. But I believe that same appropriate length is true when you’re 19, 21 or 41. Don’t show the world your unborn children and you should be good. If you’re curious, these are my favorites . 

In case you missed it,  the bottom line here is C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-C-E!! That’s how you wear shorts over 40.

…..aerial cartwheel, back handspring off the balance beam!





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