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So look, I know this is going to rub some of you the wrong way. But, as parents, I think this is an important subject to tackle in this day and age, being able to openly discuss it, while RESPECTING the opinions of others. Your child, your choice!

I’ve got three kids, 22, 13 and 11. Obviously, I no longer get to dictate what my 22 year old daughter does, well maybe just a little!! Oooooor a “lot-ttle”. My 13 year old is a boy who could not care less about technology (except to watch his documentaries) much less social media. But my 11 year old daughter on the other hand, is enthralled with the idea of being on social media, especially Instagram.

She is an extremely sensitive child. She is a true creative soul, like her mama. Creativity and sensitivity often times go hand in hand. She’s an amazing little actress, she sings beautifully, is very talented in making short films with her MLP figurines and is a fantastic ballerina. With all of these talents, she would be an ideal candidate to have an IG or YouTube account to showcase her creativity, right?

Well, remember I just said she is an extremely sensitive child? That’s the reason that we are not ok with it. She is very sensitive to what she sometimes perceives as criticism, and as such, we do not feel that exposing her to potential criticism on a large scale is of any benefit to her at this time. I’m not saying that other tweens shouldn’t have an Instagram or any social media accounts, but as HER parents, her dad and I feel that it is not the best option for her given her nature. In time, as she matures and has more life experience to further form her character, then we will be ok with her having an account. Could she have a private social channel? Absolutely! But as the creative that she is, she enjoys entertaining the masses, so that is not her desire. That may change and we may consider it, if that’s what she wants to do. But in our household, we do not view social media as a “rite of passage.” We view it as a privilege and one that needs to be handled very carefully when the time is right.

We foster her creativity in other productive ways! She is in every dance program and theatre production known to man!!!! (says while rolling my eyes at the amount of time it takes!!!..but I strongly believe in encouraging her to refine and develop her skills and express her creativity…so I will happily be the chauffeur for hire..or for free in my case 🙂

Now for the “controversial” topics. We all know Instagram can be a very “curated” version of life. And as such, can often times make even adults, feel like they cannot measure up to the lives of those they follow. What will this do to the young, impressionable, still forming tween mind? In our case and in my opinion, it is not worth that risk of finding out. At least not yet! It can and is often times very detrimental to their self esteem. If you have a tween that you feel is able to handle the ups and downs, the peaks and pitfalls of exposure to social media, then you are very lucky and should absolutely be free to allow your child to explore social media in whatever manner you see fit. I do not believe in judging another, unless you are able to walk in their shoes……preferably a super fabulous pair! 🙂

What do you think? Should your tween be allowed to have an Instagram account?

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