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So when I first hopped on social media, the first 2 things that people asked were, “what’s your skincare routine” and “what makeup do you use”.  That was a huge “awwww shucks” moment for me. It’s still so incredibly flattering!

Everything I do is simple and EASY!!

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I’d hesitated taking my business online because my skin had taken a beating for a few years prior, and I was very hesitant to “show my face” to the world because it wasn’t what it once was… I’ve always been someone who had pretty good skin most of my life.  That’s in no way bragging, I worked VERY hard at it and it paid off. I’ve never been someone who just did nothing and was “blessed” with great skin.  I was diligent about my skincare.  As a matter of fact, my husband teased me one night when we were watching TV, a Dermstore commercial came on and he said “awww honey, look, you financed their first commercial”, hahaha…that was almost too accurate to dispute.

But in September 2014, that all changed.  My big brother suddenly passed away.  

Now the relationship that I had with my brother wasn’t just a sibling relationship.  He was almost quite literally the other half of my soul. He was my best friend, my confidante, a father figure, my mentor, he was just my everything for my whole life. When we were growing up, people thought we were twins.  We didn’t correct them. We talked almost every day. When he moved away to join the military and I went to college, we wrote letters every week. When he left the military, he moved to where I went to college. When I was done with college, I moved to where he then lived. We were the true yin and yang. We were never meant to live apart. So to say that I was devastated when he died, would be a gross understatement!

During this horrific time, I could not function.  I am normally a get up and go person. I don’t like to be bored. My mind is never at rest and I probably annoy my poor husband with the long list of projects that have to be done.  But I became someone else. I felt like I could not breathe. I was completely lost. I cried every. Single. Day! My joints began to ache. My skin felt like it was burning, as in it felt like someone was holding a lighter to it at all times. I couldn’t be around people for long periods of time, because any smell would make me nauseous, shampoo, perfume, toothpaste…anything!  But even with all those symptoms, I thought , well I’m depressed, of course I won’t feel well. I was in the deepest state of sadness, but I knew something else was wrong. Mind you, the pain was debilitating at times, but, I’m stubborn and have a high tolerance, so I ignored it. Then out of nowhere, my skin erupted into the most painful blistering pimples. Now this is something I’d never experienced in my entire life. Like I said, I’ve always taken excellent care of my skin, I used all natural products, ate VERY clean and lived a healthy lifestyle for 13 years before that.  The only breakout I’d ever gotten was the once in a blue moon, tiny spot during that once a month affliction that we women experience (yep! That one)

Naturally, being the vain woman that I am, this got my attention very quickly! Yes, I’m vain, so are a lot of women, so sue me!!! Hehehe, don’t I at least get some brownie points for admitting it?

I went to the doctor and had a battery of tests done, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease.  Now for those of you that aren’t familiar, this is where your body, quite literally begins to attack itself.  All of my symptoms began to make sense. The doctor told me that auto-immunity is sometimes triggered by trauma. And as I said, this was an extreme trauma for me.  

I’ve had to tweak my already restricted diet even more, and toss all of my natural, organic and VERY expensive beauty products (says while a tear trickles down my cheek, I can’t and won’t begin to calculate the amount) because they no longer worked for me.

Over an extended period of time, my body began to heal, but it is a lifelong commitment.  But, I have seen significant improvement. So as far as my skin is concerned (I know that’s why you’re reading this article so I’ll get back to it), I could not wear makeup or use any skincare for over an ENTIRE YEAR!!! Yes, I had to walk around with these oozing bright red spots on my face and the subsequent dark marks that they left for over a year.  To say that it was a humbling experience, would be to understate the facts. I struggled with trying to heal my body, which meant trying to keep my stress levels as low as possible, while walking around (or let’s be honest, hiding) with my face covered in embarrassing pimples.  Keep in mind at this time I was over 40! Wasn’t this supposed to only happen to teens?!?!!!!!!

I attempted to slowly reintroduce skincare and makeup into my routine. It was a huge failure! I, once again, wasted literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars trying to make something work, because at this point, my skin had almost healed but I had dark marks that I wanted to cover.  Nothing worked, everything that I tried made my skin hurt. Like on a scale of 1 to 10, the pain was a 10! (I have a very high tolerance, so a 10 is insane for me) And if it didn’t hurt, it would burn. I’d heard of using coconut oil, but I was determined not to go near anything that had the smallest chance of making me break out. I just didn’t want to go through that again. I resigned myself to just having to live with it.  But again, like I said before, I’m vain so I knew that wouldn’t last. I wanted to take my business online, which meant, I had to have photographs taken…I cringed!!!

I decided to give a brand called RMS beauty a try. At least their makeup at first… It is a coconut and castor oil based product line. I used it on the smallest spot on my face to test it out, while my hands shook in fear!!! I was thinking, am I really slathering my face with heavy oils??!! Over the next few weeks, I was able to use it on larger portions of my face.  If I got a spot, (I will still get small ones every now and then, all part of the auto-immune issue), then somehow putting the makeup on the spot helps it to heal faster. Yep, I kid you not! I do realize that this isn’t going to work for everyone, but it was almost miraculous for me. 

Ok, so now that you’re probably sad or crying…I’m so sorry! But if I was going to share my makeup and skincare, my loss and subsequent illness had to be included, if I was going to share my honest experiences as it relates to my skin.

I’ve written this post once before, but people have still been asking for specifics and I’ve had major improvement in my health since then, and have been able to expand my “repertoire” So here goes! I promise we’ll get back to the chuckles on the next one…

In the morning I don’t wash my face.  I splash my face with water and that’s it if I’m not going to wear makeup. On days where I feel like my skin is feeling dry, I will use this coconut cream alternating with this oil, on damp skin and it works wonders.  On a daily basis however, I will use this oil on my neck, because, well….#oldnow lol..kidding! 40 is the new 20 right ??!??!!!! I don’t know why it works…fairy magic maybe??!!!!!…but it does.

If I am going to wear makeup.  I use this cloth. I run it under warm water, hold it on my face to moisten, and begin to apply my concealer (I use #55 and #66).  For my skin, the concealer/foundation  acts as a moisturizer. I know only water can moisturize, but once my face is moist, if I apply my uncover up right away, then it acts to seal in the moisture in my skin. For my skin type, if I apply it to my skin when its dry, then it makes my skin even more dry. I find that there are specific little tricks that I can use for more coverage on days where I’m doing a photo shoot.  I usually like a more natural coverage for just running around days.  I’ll do a quick video soon on my methods for both.

To remove my makeup I apply the coconut cream, then use this makeup removing cloth with warm water to “steam” my face, and that’s it.  I don’t wash it off with any sort of “soap”. I have never and will mostly likely never try another coconut oil on my face.

At night, if I am not wearing makeup, I will use a tiny bit of coconut cream and use my  facecloth to gently exfoliate my skin, using circular motions, then rinse.  I only do this a few nights a week.

I do get facials once a month. She does the Aquaclean machine. It’s a pore sucking/cleaning miracle and I HIGHLY recommend it!

I’ve been getting the “itch” to use a “normal” face wash lately and I’ve been experimenting on and off with these products. I don’t do it often, because I don’t need to, so far so good. Yippeeeeee!!   But I’ll keep you posted.  My tween daughter has been using them daily and they’ve been working very well for her.  She’s in the throws of hormonal surges and I don’t believe in drying out the skin with harsh acids during this time.  In my opinion, gentle is always better.



Figured I’d throw in some “non professional”, unedited pics, so you can see my skin.

Left: First thing in the morning. No makeup,crazy eyebrows, red nose!

Right: Only wearing concealer and blush, in daylight.

As for my skin type, I now have normal skin. It may lean a tad dry if I haven’t been well, but that’s par for the course with a thyroid illness.   It is no longer highly sensitive and it doesn’t overproduce oil.  It’s just normal. I will always be prone to acne however, because of my autoimmune illness, but I can keep a pretty good handle on it with my diet.

So there you have it folks…that’s it. Hope this wasn’t a huge disappointment. But this is where my life has taken me now, to bare bones simplicity rather than a 5 step, am and pm regimen, and you know what??…I’m kinda loving it! I Should have listened to my husband 3 years ago when he said “STOP PUTTING CRAP ON YOUR FACE”…But you know what, husbands are usually WRONG!!!…not this time, but I’m gonna stick with what history has shown me hehehe…if you’re reading this honey..I love you!!! (says while rolling my eyes, lol)

As always, please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer.  Don’t forget to subscribe to get a notification every time I post.









  1. September 9, 2018 / 7:16 pm

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your brother. How devastating. I couldn’t imagine because I too feel that my sisters are part of my soul.

    I’m also sorry to here about the auto-immune disease-related skin troubles! Jeez! We are immensely proud of RMS Beauty up here as it is Canadian!! The founder Sherri Stroh is a wiz with makeup. I love her lip glosses. I just got “Content” during the Sephora sale – the most fabulous cherry colour!

    Anyways, your skin looks amazing (and so does your hair). I’m so glad that you are doing ok!

    • Nickie
      September 9, 2018 / 7:22 pm

      Thanks so much! It is something I’m probably never going to get over, but I’ve learned to use it as a motivational tool. My brother was my biggest cheerleader. So I imagine what he’d say to me whenever I’m hesitant to take a risk. Like blogging!! :). I appreciate that…it’s under control now, so not as bad anymore. And yes RMS is beyond amazing!!! You’re so sweet!!!

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